10 party cities to (re)visit in 2018

Posted on December 21st, 2022 by Dave in categoty Travel

Are you looking for travel inspiration with plenty of partying thrown in?

Wondering where the best cities are located where going out is a major event? Whether you fancy London or Las Vegas, the feeling of entering a packed nightclub or an all-night beach party tends to be one of the highlights of time spent away from home.

Whether you’re on holiday, celebrating a birthday or you’re simply just a party animal, as the Black Eyed Peas once said ? Let’s Get This Party Started!

Las Vegas, USA

No doubt other cities would argue differently, but Las Vegas is the party capital of the USA. Clubs like Marquee and Hakkasan provide massive dance floors that recreate the atmosphere of a dance festival.

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With 24-hour gambling, superb food and brilliant stage shows, there’s nothing on earth quite like Vegas.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

When it comes to partying in South America, nowhere does it better than Rio. Bars, clubs and live music venues line the shores at Copacabana and the parties carry on until the sun comes up.

The world-famous Rio Carnival is a festival not to be missed, although be prepared to mingle with around two million people per day out on the streets.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Cancun is famous for being Mexico’s biggest party destination, but head further south and discover the superb Playa del Carmen.

Playa starts every year with one of the world’s best music events – the BPM Festival ? a 10-day-long dance party with international DJs and parties that run into the early hours of the morning.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Famous for pot cafes and its red-light district, Amsterdam also boasts magnificent nightlife.

Head there on April 27 to join one million revellers around the streets and clubs to celebrate their national holiday, King’s Day, one of the greatest party events in the world.

New Orleans, USA

New Orleans is famous for its annual Jazz Festival, bringing an air of sophistication to the party scene. With a plethora of cocktail bars and fantastic restaurants, the ‘Big Easy’ is a party destination for the more discerning traveller. You can surely experience a gamut of emotions by visiting this place yourself!

That being said, for a more authentic experience, consider staying in one of the historic New Orleans Hotel or bed and breakfasts that dot the neighborhoods. These charming establishments often occupy historic buildings and offer a glimpse into the city’s past. Engaging with friendly hosts and fellow guests can foster a sense of community and add to the cultural richness of the trip.

Barcelona, Spain

Things don’t get going until after midnight in Barcelona, but once it does it seems like the fun never stops.

The Burj-esque W, Sala Apolo, and the Magic Club are well worth checking out, while Luz de Gas is a great place for the over 30s.

Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand’s capital is famous for all-nighters and it’s a place where most visitors end up coming home having enjoyed the party of a lifetime.

Hit the right spots and you can end up mingling with celebrities until 6 am or even gate-crashing someone’s private party.

Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is the home of clubs, clubs, and more clubs. Flower Power at Pacha has been one of the most popular island parties for four decades, offering a wide mix of music to partygoers usually dressed in retro clothes.

Space and Amnesia are also worth checking out, while a visit to Ibiza wouldn’t be complete without going to Privilege – the largest nightclub in the world.

As well as the clubs, Ibiza is also renowned for its boat parties, which are held around the island’s stunning coastline. From sunset boat parties (you may wish to take a look at this Tenerife Party Boat for example) to all-day boat trips, visitors can experience the best of Ibiza’s nightlife while taking in breathtaking views.

London, England

London has everything from cabaret to jazz, indie music to rock. whatever takes your fancy you are sure to find something to suit.

With a New Year’s Eve party that is the envy of many cities around the world, a trip to London is an experience not to be missed.

Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade is renowned for its nightlife, with plenty of clubs to keep partygoers entertained. During the summer, revellers head to the water to party on floating river clubs amid stunning views.

Serbia’s previous bad reputation is now a thing of the past and visitors are finally discovering that Belgrade is a city that knows how to party.