5 Amazing Autumnal Road Trips to Consider This Fall

Posted on November 23rd, 2022 by Dave in categoty Travel

Autumn is open us and this means crisp mornings, trees displaying a glowing range of leaves, and dropping temperatures. It?s a beautiful time of year and one which promotes plenty of great opportunities for a road trip. It?s a chance to see some spectacular foliage, enjoy dramatic sunrises, sensational sunsets, and prepare for Christmas in style.


Naturally, if you?re making a road trip you?ll want to get set up for the onset of potentially inclement weather. With dropping temperatures, more rain, and an increased amount of leaves on the roads, things will get slippery, so you will want to have the best grip available for your vehicle.

For a streamlined trip, a switch to seasonal tyres would help your adventure, with all-season and winter tyres offering extra grip and handling performance in potentially more hazardous conditions. These are developed by many leading manufacturers such as Bridgestone, Michelin, Pirelli, Avon, and Continental tyres.

You also need to plan your road trip properly to enjoy it the most, so consider the following locations as a basic guide. If you do want to visit them, a bit of extra research will provide you with all the details you need for a successful trip, another wonderful holiday to add to your list, and a huge selection of new pictures to stick on Instagram.

  1. United States

The United States of America offers many beautiful areas for you to visit for otherworldly scenery, all of which complemented enormously by the onset of fall. There?s Aspen in Colorado which provides golden tones on evergreens set in front of large mountain ranges. Columbia River Gorge in Oregon is another fine example, with the Cascade Mountains offering stunning waterfalls to capture your attention away from the foliage.

Green Mountain Byway in Vermont (north of New York) is another favourite for tourists, with beech, birch, and maple trees and a ski resort offering plenty to keep you entertained. However, a favourite is the dazzling landscape of the Enchanted Circle Scene Byway in New Mexico. Its name is particularly fitting as it offers breath-taking views for tourists on an 83 mile loop of endless scenery.

You can see some of the beautiful pictures of these locations here: 10 Best Fall Foliage Trips in the US. A scan of these and you?ll be seriously planning a visit to America in the not too distant future.

  1. United Kingdom

If you?re in the UK and looking for a staycation over autumn, there are many places to visit for sweeping countryside and amazing views. Perthshire in Scotland is renowned for its brooding landscapes, with huge lochs offset by frequent changes in weather ? this is particularly dramatic at this time of year.

In England, Cumbria offers beautiful scenery ? unsurprising, considering the Lake District is world renowned for being a hotspot for rolling countryside. Other areas of England have similar qualities of course, with the likes of Devon, the Pennines, and Snake Pass but a few of the countryside locations offering amazing autumnal scenery. Another option is simply to head to London and take in the capital of England!

  1. Europe

With seemingly endless countries to visit, where do you decide to go for a spectacular autumn break? With its spectacular rolling countryside, Austria is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe ? take your pick for destinations, the whole country is a work of art!

Belgium is another fantastic option. Bruges in particular offers a beautiful autumnal city setting, with the early sunsets casting patterns of light across the medieval city. The same goes for Brussels, although smaller cities such as Leuven also offer wonderful architecture and a bustling central square ideal for evening meals.

But this is merely scratching the surface of Europe. With Italy, France, Spain, Sweden, Germany, and many other fantastic nations available, travellers are spoilt for choice, so the Telegraph?s article 10 Great European Road Trips should help your decision much easier.

  1. Iceland

This increasingly popular tourist destination offers a huge ring road which can take you all the way around the large island with somewhat ease (click here now to discover one of the options for driving around Iceland). Around each corner lurks some extremely impressive sights, with the structure of Iceland?s roads often proving to be every bit as amazing as the volcanoes and mountain ranges.

Iceland Road Trip is one company to turn to for help and assistance with getting into and around Iceland, so have a look at their site for inspiration.

  1. Japan

If you?re thinking of going further afield, enigmatic Japan lies far to the East and offers a mixture of modern technology and ancient traditions for your perusal.

In a country famous for its beautiful locations, there are plenty of road trips you can take to live and breathe Japanese culture. Obviously, if you don?t speak Japanese then you may want to arrange a proper tour guide. It may be off-putting, but the language barrier shouldn?t put you off ? friendly and polite locals will be patient with you and a guide can offer tips on how to get around.

The Hokkaid? road trip is particularly well known and offers sweeping mountain ranges. This region only hosts 5% of Japan?s populations, which makes it a more isolated area to visit and one which is ideal for a peaceful road trip excursion.