5 Peaceful Adventures For the Relaxed Traveler

Posted on November 4th, 2023 by Dave in categoty Travel

Some travelers are interested in excitement and engagement, or wild nights that you’re probably going to forget most of by the next morning. Other folks are more interested in quiet, peaceful excursions, that refresh the mind and the soul.


If you’re in that second category, there are a number of options that you can look into during your next vacation, including visiting art galleries, going to famous libraries, enjoying out-of-the-way parks, attending classical music concerts, and hitting up the beaches if you’re in coastal areas. You can make these meditative places the highlights of your journeys, even if they aren’t technically ‘exciting’.

Visit Art Galleries

One of the more enjoyable and peaceful vacation events is to visit art galleries, like the ones Park West Gallery puts on all around the globe. And in addition to private, moving galleries like that, there are also the more permanent versions, like you’d find at museums or even commercial institutions like schools or colleges. There are listings for them all over, so with an easy search, you’re bound to find a few that pique your interest.

Go To Famous Libraries

Exploring famous libraries is an incredibly meditative experience as well. No cellphones, no loud conversations, the smell of paper – it’s a dream come true for introverts around the world. In addition, some of the architecture of the world’s most famous libraries is absolutely breathtaking. So in terms of wanting to reset purely by the inspiration of silence and solemnity, that’s definitely going to be on your peace-oriented bucket list. Again, look online to see the nearest famous ones to your vacation destination, and make it a point to journey out that direction.

Enjoy Out of the Way Parks

Going out camping can be fun both for people who like excitement and activity, and for people that want to enjoy the quietude of nature. For those looking for the peaceful side of things, be sure to look into the more out-of-the-way camping experiences that are available. These are probably more likely to be the tenting-in-the-woods versions, and can be extremely relaxing.

Attend Classical Music Concerts

If you’re in a major city, one way to experience a peaceful event is to attend a classical music concert. There are always chances to hear the most famous orchestras playing the famous music, and you can’t help but be inspired by how soothing the music is in a large, open environment.

Hit the Beaches

As long as you stay away from the big crowds, going to the beach is something that many travelers swear by. The sounds of the oceans and the waves, the birds, the breeze. Take a moment to record it on your phone and you can keep the experience for whenever you want to listen to it later as well!