5 Tips For Saving Money On Your Trip To Europe

Posted on October 5th, 2023 by Dave in categoty Europe

Planning a trip to Europe is an exciting adventure full of all sorts of things to do and see. ?Whether you?re planning on going alone or traveling with friends, you?ll have a fantastic time either way.

As you start to add up your costs between airfare, lodging, and the conversion between dollars to euros, it can quickly begin to get a bit pricey, however. ?Since it?s not exactly around the corner, and the currency conversion is currently in favor of the Euro, you probably looking at a few thousand dollars per person.

There are ways to save dollars where you can, however. Here are some of the best strategies for saving money on your trip to Europe.

Compare All Methods Of Transportation

A lot of people may assume that they should just travel by train from country to country once they reach Europe. ?However, this isn?t always the cheapest way to go.

You should consider comparing the price of all methods of transportation from flying to taking a bus. ?

You may even find that renting a car is cheaper in some areas. ?Just make sure that you familiarize yourself with international driving laws. Otherwise, you may find yourself in legal trouble.

Pack Lightly

A lot of travelers make the mistake of going to Europe with an over packed bag. ?As a result, they are forced to pay extra baggage fees each time that they fly.

Since the smaller airlines charge for any checked luggage, this can quickly start to add up. ?You?re better off traveling lightly with only one bag for carry on.

Use Your Credit Card

Although it?s perfectly fine to use cash, you may find that it?s riskier since you could get robbed or lose it. ?Additionally, using your credit card often provides points and rewards which you can apply towards your trip.

Call your credit card company before you leave for your trip and inquire about what kind of partnerships they offer in the destination which you?re planning to go.

Stay Out Of Tourist Zones

You?ll find that everything costs more in the densely populated tourist zones. ?Whether it?s clothing shops or restaurants, everything costs more when the demand is higher.

Staying slightly off the beaten path will usually cost less overall. ?You?ll also likely find better quality food and fewer crowds to battle with.

Stay Somewhere With a Kitchenette

One of the biggest expenses during your travels is eating and drinking out. ?You can easily reduce this expense by renting a place to stay which has a kitchenette.

That way you can eat at home for at least one meal a day which can add up to hundreds saved a week.