An Alternative Guide to Gibraltar

Posted on November 23rd, 2022 by Dave in categoty Europe


Holidaying, whether with family or alone, presents you with the daunting task of figuring out what you?re going to do whilst away – are you going to sightsee, partake in local activities, enjoy a show? The questions are endless, and the bigger the destination the more difficult your decisions can become, with undue pressure placed on what you should and shouldn?t do. Gibraltar is one such popular location that demands a lot of your attention, from its rocky sunkissed terrain to the coastal delights of the seaside. In an attempt to help get the most out of your time touring this gateway to the Mediterranean, we?ve put together a list of activities you can enjoy in spring and early summer.

The Rock of Gibraltar

As it is the most renowned landmark of the whole region, it would be unthinkable not to explore this breathtaking piece of landscape. Although driving to the top is the easier choice, there is nothing like braving a hike along the trail all the way to the summit. By opting to hike it, you get to interact and get a rare peek into the bustling nature reserves that thrives there, as well as being able to take in all the stunning views of the city below. This is one for die hard outdoor travellers who wish to explore every inch of a destination, to uncover hidden gems, and to feel accomplished after a steady climb to the top.

The Roulette Masters Tournament

As our guide is all about the unconventional side of tourism, we couldn?t not mention the Roulette Masters that takes place April 9th. Located on the five star yacht hotel, The Sunborn, there is a lot more to this competition than roulette: there is drama, unexpected twists, and large money prizes all within the glorious setting of the city. But how much are the buy ins? Well, they?re not for the faint hearted, according to top gaming site LadyLucks the finalists begin with ?1,000 and battle it out in only 20 spins. There are many thrills to be had, and the chance to savour an atmosphere that is as exclusive as the event itself; if you?re looking to experience everything Gibraltar offers, you have to get involved.

Dolphin Watching

Equally as special, albeit it for a different reason, dolphin watching is another alternative activity for yourself and your family to enjoy. The seasoned guides from Dolphin Adventure will help create a special moment with some of the world?s most gracious sea creatures, alongside an abundance of local knowledge. Insightful as well as adventurous, it is sightseeing with a twist. Although it can be relaxing to lounge by a pool all day, something which we thoroughly enjoy, there is nothing like going out and being one with the destination you?re visiting.

The Spring Festival

Towards the end of April and at the start of May, travellers get to relish the eclectic mix of sights and sounds at The Spring Festival. Lasting for several weeks, spectators are entertained by various facets of the art world, from dancing to visual art, making it a cultural experience very unique to the region. It is an event that, while similar to others across the globe, it is unlike any other due to the rich heritage and culture that is showcased throughout the whole affair.