The Best Vehicle Choice for a Road Trip

Posted on November 23rd, 2022 by Dave in categoty Travel

Well it might seem like a bit of a no-brainer really since the natural inclination would be to point at an SUV as the best vehicle for a road-trip, if we were living in an ideal world, but it all depends on what kind of road-trip you’ll be taking, and where.

We can argue all we like about it, but ultimately the most important factor which comes into consideration when you’re planning your road-trip always goes right back to the costs. You need to pay for things like the fuel you’ll be using to cover all that distance and if you’re not going to be using your own car (which is worth real consideration), you’ll need to pay to rent one. That’s where the question of which car is the best for a road-trip comes into play again and from those which you can afford to pay for and run, more specifically.

If you’re mostly going to be on roads which are known to be of good quality and most of your road-trip is expected to play out on smooth, tarred road surfaces, why would you need an SUV, other than the extra space it might offer to pack in all your goods? So, if you don’t have all that extra camping gear and the likes, then a much smaller vehicle may be the best option if efficiency is a priority. However, if you’re planning a journey across some tough terrain, an ATV can be a decent option. If you don’t have one, you could find off road rentals near your area and use it. provide some helpful tips on keeping your car clean.

A car that runs as efficiently as it was built to run will save you a lot on the associated running costs, whether it’s your own vehicle or a rented one. Rental cars are generally taken care of much better by the car rental company, so it would only really be a matter of minor efficiency elements to look out for on your part, such as perhaps selecting one which has been fitted with winter tyres during the appropriate season. You should never underestimate just how much of an impact something as simple as weather-appropriate tyres can have on things like fuel economy and even safety.

If you are indeed going to be heading into some off-road territories, then and only then is a 4×4 a better option to look at. Not just any SUV will do here? you need to know the difference between an SUV built to transport more people versus one which is expressly built to do well on off-road terrains.

Ultimately, the choice depends on balancing your personal circumstances against preference and the requirements of the trip. It would be natural to assume your own car will be the simplest option, but on balance, a little research may prove otherwise, it’s worth weighing up the various factors that might make the experience even more memorable.