Choosing a Ski Jacket? 5 Common Myths to Avoid

Posted on October 27th, 2023 by Dave in categoty Boutique

If you are buying a new ski jacket this winter, there are many things to consider. As you will be wearing it in extreme weather, you want to be as protected as possible while still being comfortable. Before you invest in a ski jacket, it is worth figuring out some of the technical jargon and being certain that it will meet all of your needs. We have explored a few misconceptions to help you choose the right ski jacket for the season.


Myth number one: ?Waterproof? always means waterproof


The waterproof rating of a jacket is in fact measured on a scale, from 0 to 20,000 mm. This indicates how quickly water will start to soak through the jacket- the higher the number, the more waterproof your ski jacket will be. Ideally you want a rating of at least 10,000 mm or higher, so that you can endure moderate rain and light snow. If you find a ski jacket for a bargain price it is worth making sure it has a suitable waterproof rating- getting damp quickly leads to feeling the cold, which is guaranteed to make you want to leave the slopes early. Also worth checking is your jacket?s windproof rating, as this is another factor to ensure you can ski in comfort.


Myth number two: All Ski Jackets are created equal


Ski jackets are all pretty similar, they just in come in different colours – right? Wrong. Ski jackets come with a huge variety of different technologies and accessories. High quality ski jackets often have lots of extra features that you might not spot when first trying them on, but that you?ll be very grateful for once you?re on the mountain. Make sure that your jacket will keep snow out even if you fall over, by looking for details such as a snow skirt and snow cuffs. A high collar will also help to protect you from the elements. Check the pockets are up to scratch- you want plenty of generous sized pockets, and ideally an inner pocket to keep electronics dry. Many ski jackets now come with sleeve pockets which are handy for holding your lift pass.


Myth number three: You get what you pay for


When it comes to investing in a ski jacket, paying more money does not necessarily guarantee a better quality piece of clothing. While you should not skimp on the basics, such as a high waterproof rating and a sturdy and well insulated fabric (after all, the jacket?s main job is to keep you warm and dry), you don?t need to spend the earth to find the perfect fit. By shopping online you can find many high quality ski jackets with all of the necessary features, without the luxury price tag.


Myth number four: Cotton and wool are the best base layers

If you?ve splashed out on a ski jacket, you might be considering saving money by just taking cotton tee shirts and a few thick woolly jumpers to wear underneath your jacket. However, natural fabrics such as cotton absorb moisture and then stay damp, meaning that if you work up a sweat and then cool down again, you will feel the cold. Base layers worn against your skin ideally need to be made from breathable, fast-wicking fabrics that can adapt as your body temperature changes. Thick woolly jumpers can cause you to overheat, and are much bulkier than a fleece mid- layer. It is worth investing in base and mid layers specifically designed for skiing to ensure maximum comfort.


Myth number five: Brightly coloured is your only option

Gone are the days when your only ski jacket choices came in garish colours or patterns. Block colours such as blue or red help you stand out in the lift queue without looking over the top, and if you want a jacket that you can wear for other pursuits such as hill walking, choose a stylish black ski jacket.