Home Safety While You?re Away on Holiday

Posted on February 9th, 2021 by Dave in categoty Travel

The sanctuary that is your home provides comfort and safety in so many different ways and there are undoubtedly quite a few measures you put into place to secure your home for added safety. The biggest threat against which you?d naturally want to secure your home is indeed invasion by an intruder because heaven knows what their intensions are. Things could get really nasty and you or a loved-one could get seriously injured if the intruder is capable of doing much more harm than just stealing some of your valuable household goods.

Often when a would-be home burglar sees signs of life inside the house and everything suggests that somebody is indeed home, that?s enough to deter them, but when you?re away on holiday however or if you?re just away for an extended period of time, burglars aim to take full advantage. It would be funny if it wasn?t such a serious matter when taking into account just some of the nonsense burglars get up to while burglarising people?s houses, especially when nobody?s home.

Of the 1.33 burglaries which take place every minute (yes, it?s a lot, isn?t it?), some of the burglars help themselves to some of the food and snacks in the fridge and pantry. Some even have the audacity to cook up a storm and settle down for a good quick meal in front of the big screen television they?re about to walk away with. Others will even take a quick nap to perhaps build up some of the energy they expended prising through all your home security barriers and there?s a bizarre story of how one burglar even had time to ?update their Facebook status? on the home computer in a house they were burglarising while the inhabitants were away! Clearly this particular burglar knew exactly what they were there to steal (not the home computer) and they perhaps planned their burglary for quite some time, knowing that the owners would be away for a bit.

So with regards to your home security while you?re away on holiday, those security measures you put in place have to be effective beyond just feigning signs of life inside. Yes, having a system such as motion-detecting lights is a good starting point, but what happens when the would-be burglar figures out that there?s in fact nobody home?

In addition to the psychological security barriers such as motion detectors and even alarms, there does indeed have to be some physical barriers forming part of your home security. If a burglar managed to get through your door- or window-hinges with some great difficulty because of the quality of those objects, it shouldn?t get any easier for them to further have to break through some of your other ironmongery and mounting-and-storage hardware. The entire process has to be very challenging for them and this is best complemented with other security measures such as an alarm system which is linked to a response unit that can perhaps catch the burglar while still trying to get away, after having struggled to get in and gain access to your valuables.

Visit http://www.ironmongerydirect.co.uk/research/home-security-2016/ for a detailed breakdown of all the stats and numbers related to home burglaries in the UK so that you are better informed about the home security decisions you make and all the options available to you.