Hot Tub Holiday Essentials

Posted on October 27th, 2023 by Dave in categoty Budgets, England

With hot tub holidays now firmly established as a ?thing? ? people go on holidays to essentially soak in the hot tub all weekend ? there are some essentials you?ll need to remember to take along with you so that you don?t come away from it having had a half-measure experience of what a hot tub holiday is, only to write it off as just another one of those passing fads. If you?re going to be going on a hot tub holiday, you might as well do it properly!

I actually found this really helpful article which I (cheekily) derived a lot of these tips from. If you?re embarking on a hot tub holiday, I?d definitely recommend taking a look. There?s all sorts of useful information:

Outdoor Hot Tub Holiday Essentials

If you?re driving to the venue where you?ll be enjoying your outdoor hot tub holiday, you?re in luck because you can recreate your home environment by packing in some of the bigger items which make a hot tub experience that much better. Pack in a barbeque grill for instance so that some food can be kept warm within reach of the hot tub. That way, anybody who is feeling a bit hungry can grab a bite without having to get out into what will be a cold surrounding environment either way, whether it?s full on winter or it?s not yet as cold as it can get.

Along with the grill, remember to take along the necessary accessories that will allow you to have a small cook-out too. Things like fuel for the grill or wood in case of a wood-fire grill-navigate to this site for some quality options to consider on this front. This becomes important if you and your group wants to enjoy some hot, smoky food at the holiday party.

For some outdoor entertainment which makes for a recreation of some entertainment you?d otherwise pair with a hot tub that was located indoors, a mini projector will do, but it has to be powerful enough to project pictures that are bright enough to be visible outdoors. That mini projector would then inevitably go with something like an inflatable outdoor projection screen, otherwise, you may not be fortunate enough to have the outdoor hot tub you?ll be soaking in located close to a plainly coloured wall on which to project the entertainment you might want to engage in while soaking it up.

Indoor Hot Tub Holiday Essentials

All indoor hot tub essentials perhaps apply to outdoor hot tubs as well, except maybe for a special ice bucket to keep your beverage of choice chilled in. Hot tubs used in indoor environments tend to raise the ambient temperature of the air as well and other surfaces the hot tub is in contact with, so you don?t want to have your wine or champagne warming up a bit too quickly while you?re still enjoying the first glass.

Otherwise, you?ll perhaps also need to bring a non-slip mat to avoid any potential accidents for anyone getting in and out of the hot tub, if one isn?t supplied of course.

Winter bathrobes are required as well, perhaps even more so for those outdoor hot tubs which are enjoyed during the cold winter months. It can get rather uncomfortable during that period when you?re exiting the hot tub and you can?t quite reach for your towel fast enough.

An appropriate bathing suit is perhaps also a requisite to fully enjoy one?s hot tub experience (or not if you?re into that sort of thing). However, this is the perfect excuse to wear the smallest bathing suit you have because the idea really is to have the water make contact with as much of your skin as possible.