Let?s make it Appen

Posted on April 5th, 2024 by Dave in categoty Travel

Well, it looks like we all made it through another UK winter. We had the usual heavy rain, floods, snow, ice and winds that nature likes to throw at us, but like good English people, we survived! Now, with the weather on the improve, my thoughts are wandering to distant horizons again. There’s nothing like a beautiful sunny day to make you think about travel. There is no end of places a person can go to and to where that person has never been before, so we might as well pull out a map of the world, stand back 10 paces, and throw a couple of darts.


We think summertime is a good time of the year to be exploring Eastern Europe. We’ve already done the Czech Republic, and everybody has been to Prague, so we are looking at places like Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Moldova and the Ukraine. Over the next few weeks, though, we need to contact App Developers UK to run a few ideas past them about developing our own application for an iPad. How did we discover this? You just look around on the Internet and it seems you can find anything.

We?ve got some good ideas because we travel a lot and there are things that we have thought about that we wished to have found on the apps that we use. So, if we can get together with a few friends that have travelled with us, that will give us some extra resources to be able to put some great ideas into a new application.

Speaking of Prague earlier, you can find Wi-Fi everywhere you walk and it was illuminating to find that most of the small enterprises like cafes and bars had all developed their own apps. That meant if you were walking around the city looking at all the historical monuments, churches and old government buildings you just had to open a local app to find a place to sit down and have a cold beer or a light snack. It’s the sort of things when you’re travelling that have made life so much easier.

When I think of how easy it is for people to travel today I can’t for the life of me wrap my head around thinking about just how difficult it must have been in the 1960?s. How would you have made yourself understood or to have even found a place to eat and drink when you were apparently lost in some small village? So, in my mind, the more people that can put their heads together after they have done some travelling and develop some apps that are relevant to the places they have been, the better and easier it will get.