Living History through Tugu Train Station, Yogyakarta

Posted on December 21st, 2022 by Dave in categoty Travel

Yogyakarta is special for many reasons. From culture to history. From pluralism to patriotism. This city almost has everything for everyone. But there is one place you can?t forget when you visit this place. Tugu Station.

For many people, Tugu Station is not just an ordinary train station. It is also a living monument left by the colonials. It was built in 1887, which makes it the oldest train station in Indonesia. For 129 years, it has witnessed the life of so many people. It has stood there from the day people bet on the best betting platform to the day we live today. Today, the station is not the only main attraction. Nearby, you can also find many great spots, including tourism objects, hotels, shopping centers etc.

??????????? The station was first meant only as a transit station for crop-transporting trains. Until 1896, trains from Sumatra, Sulawesi, Java, or Kalimantan were using this station to deliver crops. However, a year later, the colonials decided to use the station for passengers, as well. The first track connects Solo and Yogyakarta. Within 119 years, the station has now grown to serve all major cities in Java. It serves more than 6 departures per day from all classes.

If you entered the station from the north entrance, you can see the magnificent design of this building. Even until today, nothing has changed from the unique design. 1But, that?s not just it. Inside, you can find other classical interior design. Huge wooden doors, high ceilings, and white-painted walls are enough to bring everyone?s mind to the old days.

??????????? For those who love to see trains, there is a great spot for you at the western wing. There is a locomotive repair shop there, full of trains. A perfect spot to capture iconic trains ever serving this station, I told you. Some locomotives and repair tools are even believed originated from more than a century ago. Besides, you can?t find a locomotive repair shop in every station in Indonesia. There are only few of them and one of the best is in here, Tugu Station.

??????????? The scene is another thing you should remember from this station. Tugu Station is popular not only for its historic value, but also magnificent view, especially during sunset. Try to come to this place at noon. If you go to one spot between track 4 and 6 at the western side, there is a magnificent sunset view waiting for you. A nice way to conclude your trip inside the station.

If you are still looking for more excitements, the city itself is waiting for you. There are so many great places in Yogyakarta, as I?ve told you before. Try visiting the city and experience a whole new experience. Here is one simple tip. Don?t forget to capture your best moments while you?re at this city. Believe me, you will regret if you didn?t take them because just like you, this city is special.