Lose Weight with Cycling

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To make ??ur work-outs ??unt, h?r? ?r? a f?w tips to consider.

  1. Pedal b?f?r? br??kf??t.

A l?t of studies have ?h?wn that ??u burn m?r? fat ?f ??u ?r? working ?ut b?f?r? consuming a full meal. Take ??ut??n th?ugh. It ?? n?t ?dv???bl? t? d? ??ur l?ng??t and h?rd??t r?d?? on ?n empty stomach. If ??u r??ll? insist ?n ??t?ng, ?t ?? ?lw??? ??f? t? ??n?um? a l?ttl? something like fru?t ?r smoothies f?r th?t ?xtr? fuel. Y?u ??n h?v? your full br??kf??t ?ft?r ?x?r????ng. Th?? will h?l? fire u? the fat burn?ng process, ?nd will take ??u closer t? ??ur weight g??l? f??t?r.?


  1. F?r? it up.

Th?? is wh?t they call interval training and this r??ll? pushes ??ur ??l?r?? burn. When you ?r? ?b?ut to f?n??h ??ur ride or if ??u do n?t have a l?t ?f t?m? for your w?rk-?ut, d? ?b?ut 6 sets of ?ll-?ut effort for ?r?und 1 minute ???h. You ??n t?k? ?t slow ?nd rest 30 ????nd? ?n b?tw??n th??? ??t?. The more ??u k??? d??ng th??, th? l?ng?r ??u can g? ?ll-?ut.

A ?tud? d?n? by th? J?urn?l ?f A??l??d Physiology reported th?t two w??k? ?f ?lt?rn?t?-d?? interval tr??n?ng u???d th? body’s ?b?l?t? t? burn th? ???l??t?’ f?t by 36 ??r??nt. Th? m?t?b?l??m will ?l?? b? ?n?r????d for th? n?xt 12 h?ur?. Th?? m??n? th?t you’ll be ?bl? to burn ?xtr? calories thr?ugh?ut th? day.

  1. B?k? on th? road less tr?v?ll?d.

Off r??d r?d?ng w?ll h?l? ??u lose m?r? th?n 600 calories ?n hour ??m??r?d t? ?ru???ng ?n a ??v?d ??th on a ?t??d? ????. It works not ju?t your l?g?, but ??ur whole b?d?. R?d?ng over r??k? ?nd r??t? develops m?r? mu??l??. Swap ??ur road ?k?nn? t?r?? f?r one of those mountain bikes ?? ??u ??n h??d t? the h?ll? and ?h?d m?r? ?f th? ?xtr? f?t.

  1. Bike all th? way.

C??l?ng t? w?rk-?ut is g??d, but ???l?ng to g?t to ?l???? ?? ?v?n better. Y?u ??n d?t?h ??ur ??r ?? you can h??d to town ?n ??ur tw? wh??l?. This n?t ?nl? endears ??u t? th? environment but ?l?? g?v?? you m?r? ????rtun?t??? t? burn ??l?r???.

  1. Add “Signal Cl?th?ng” t? ??ur wardrobe.

Fitted clothes w?ll keep ??u honest and h?l? ??u ?n your f?ght ?g??n?t unwanted ??und?. H?w? “S?gn?l ?l?th??” like L??r? wear f?r b?k?r? w?ll help ??u track ??ur w??ght g??n and l???. W??r?ng baggy ?l?th?? w?ll make ?t ?????r t? miss the w??ght ??u’v? g??n?d b???u?? the ?xtr? room w?n’t ??und the ?l?rm. S??nd?x ???l?ng w??r are perfect signal ?l?th??. Add th?m t? ??ur wardrobe ?nd k??? th?m ?n r?t?t??n.

  1. P?d?l ?t h?m?.

A lot ?f people ?r?f?r t? ?l?u?h on their ??u?h?? at h?m?. But you ??n ?t?ll w?t?h ??ur f?v?r?t? TV ?h?w ?nd burn calories ?t th? ??m? t?m?. Br?ng a portable tr??n?r into ??ur living r??m, in front of ??ur TV ??r??n. D? th?? a couple of n?ght? a w??k ?nd ?t’ll m?k? ?? mu?h d?ff?r?n??.


Britain?s Superstar Cyclist – Sir Bradley Wiggins

Bradley Marc Wiggins had an international start to life having an Australian father, a British mother and being born in Belgium. Cycling was in his genes and he certainly showed how good he was, firstly in time trials, then track racing and finally graduating to road racing. Yes, The Tour De France win is also a notch on his belt. Olympic Champion, World Champion and so far, the best sportsman in the UK this century so far.

Leisure Lakes Bikes, a family-run cycling store has put together this little quiz to see how much you know about this legend as well as learning a bit more about him. Do as many as you can before peeking at the answers below.


  1. How old was Sir Brad when he entered his first race, the West London Challenge?
  1. 18
  2. 16
  3. 12
  1. Although British, Sir Bradley Wiggins was born in Belgium. But in which city?
  1. Antwerp
  2. Bruges
  3. Ghent
  1. In what event in Cuba at age 18 did Sir Bradley Wiggins become a Junior World Champion?
  1. 3 km Individual Pursuit
  2. 1 km Time Trial
  3. Keirin


  1. Sir Bradley Wiggins changed professional riding teams in 2015. What is the name of his new team?
  1. Cofidis
  2. Wiggins
  3. Fran?aise des Jeux


  1. At which Games did Sir Bradley Wiggins make his Olympic debut?
  1. Atlanta 1996
  2. Sydney 2000
  3. Athens 2004


  1. Sir Bradley Wiggins won a gold medal at the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, but how many medals in total did he win at those games?
  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 1


  1. In what place did Sir Bradley Wiggins finish in the 2009 Tour De France?
  1. 21st
  2. 12th
  3. 3rd


  1. Why was Sir Bradley Wiggins called ?Le Gentleman? in the 2012 Tour De France?
  1. He doffed his helmet to all the ladies while riding
  2. He helped his team at every opportunity
  3. He allowed riders who got a puncture from tacks illegally thrown onto the track to catch up.


  1. For what reason did Sir Bradley Wiggins get an entry into the Guinness World Records ?
  1. Most medals by a British Olympian ever
  2. Being a gold medallist and Tour De France Winner in the same year
  3. Winning the most gold medals by an individual at the Beijing Olympics


  1. Which team did Sir Bradley Wiggins ride for when achieving victory in the Tour de France?
  1. Garmin ? Slipstream
  2. Team Sky
  3. Team WIGGINS



  1. C
  2. C
  3. A
  4. B
  5. A
  6. B
  7. B
  8. C
  9. B
  10. B