Married in Vegas

Posted on November 23rd, 2022 by Dave in categoty Travel

Whenever Las Vegas comes to mind or is mentioned in a conversation I think about Elvis Presley and a song called, ?Viva Las Vegas? and I have never forgotten it. Everything is a bit over the top and when you think that about 60 years ago it was nothing but desert, you would marvel at the structures that have gone up. Mainly casinos and hotels, although there are other things to do there.

married in vegas

My fiance, Kathy, could get as silly as me. I say that because she agreed to marry me and for us to have the wedding ceremony in that bright light city. We were going to jet to Vegas, get hitched and do some other adventurous stuff.

Las Vegas has many tourists visiting each year – about 40 million. You can arrive at any time during the day with over 1100 flights daily to the city. You just pick a time, choose an airline, agree on a cost, pack, board, and go. Our flight arrived early in the morning, we were rather excited because the hotel we were staying at was the MGM Grand.

mgmWhat can you say about a hotel that was so amazing? The entry was big enough to have its own post code. Right in the centre of the entrance was the big MGM lion looking pleased with hinself. The entertainment they had on that evening was going to be somebody famous and I thought I saw Cirque De Soleil? as well. Great! The room was over the top fabulous. Wasting no time we dropped our suitcasess and headed off to one of the crazy chapels somewhere in downtown Vegas.

We were both into the old time music and Elvis particularly, so it was a no-brainer to get married in the ?Love me Tender? ceremony with a photographer, me getting dressed as Elvis and Kathy wearing a costume straight out of Grease. Cost was $375.? The ceremony was hilarious, funny, touching, sweet and romantic. We were done in 45 minutes and started our Las Vegas holiday honeymoon plan. How much could we fit in over three days?

We had a look at Madame Tussaud?s Wax Museum which is probably the closest you?re going to get to such famous people. Then we toured around on one of the Big Bus Tours for two or three hours, and this gave us an idea of the size of the city.

The weather was perfect for a romantic hot air balloon ride that hovered over the city, the valley and the desert. We hit the ground running at about 3.30 pm and dropped into a place called Zoozoo crackers fo a $5 snack until our dinner. Back at the hotel the staff knew were we were getting married, so a bottle of champagne and some chocolates were on our bed. Nice touch!

Goddess of the Amazon

Maintining a romantic theme we stopped at the Bellagio Fountains. You couldn?t be in Vegas and not play the slots and have a bit of a gamble. We allocated ourselves a bit of loose change and I sat in front of a machine called ?The Goddess of the Amazon? and Kathy lost her money on ?Alien Invaders?. Love Vegas!