Posted on November 23rd, 2022 by Dave in categoty Travel

The Central American country of Costa Rica is famous among travellers for its magnificent volcanos, incredible beaches and the numerous adventures which await in the country. Just book yourself a luxurious rental property in Costa Rica and dive into the various adventures and cultural experiences Costa Rica has in store for you. However, a big part of experiencing the local culture of someplace new is through food, and Costa Rica doesn?t disappoint its visitors in that segment too. The Costa Rican cuisine is truly excellent, and you really can?t go wrong with any of their dishes. That said, there are a few dishes which you truly need to try while you are there. Here are some of those must have Costa Rican delicacies, which you need to keep an eye out for.

Gallo pinto

This widely popular Costa Rican take on rice and beans is hard to miss. You will encounter this dish the moment you set foot in the country. According to the locals, this dish was invented in the small little town of San Sebast?an. The dish differs from a normal rice and bean dish by the addition of a few dashes of the national sauce of Costa Rica, the Salsa Lizano. This tangy and smoky sauce with a hint of cumin elevates the dish to a whole new level and makes it one of the must try dishes during your Costa Rica trip.


Well, you cannot have enough rice and beans in Costa Rica, as these are probably the most popular ingredients in the country?s cuisine. Chifrijo is a popular version of a take on the rice and bean staple. In this layered dish, you?ll find layers of rice and black beans with twice fried pork bits and pico de gallo (tomato salsa with onion, cilantro, and lemon). The dish is served with tortilla chips. Just dip your tortilla in the mixture, have a bite and chase it with a gulp of your favourite booze; and you?ll surely be in Costa Rican paradise.


Granizados is not exactly a food item, it is sort of a Costa Rican take on an ice-cream which is extremely popular among Costa Rican people. This cold treat is really helpful to fight the heat while spending some time on the beach. You?ll find many wooden carts wandering down the sand, shouting Granizados! It?s basically shaved up ice layered with powdered milk, condensed milk, and your choice of flavour syrup. The final product looks so amazing and tastes so sinfully delicious, that not trying this dish would be a sin while you are here.

Vuelve a la Vida

This seafood cocktail is as much Costa Rican as it is Mexican. The name translates to English as ?returning to life,? and rightly so, as the dish is often used as a hangover cure. The dish is made with mainly shrimp, squid, some kind of fish, red bell pepper, lemon juices, chillies and traditionally a splash of Sprite! Served with some crisp and salty chips, this delicious snack is a must try with your choice of drink in Costa Rica.


Those of you who love their liquor must try Costa Rica?s national liquor Guaro. Made from sugar cane, this strong yet delectable drink will sure make you happy. Cacique Guaro is the best the best-selling brand of Guaro you?ll be able to find, and it will be a great pairing with your portion of Vuelve a la Vida.


The Costa Rican coffee is considered one of the best coffees you can find in the whole world. The taste of Costa Rican coffee ranges from crispy fruity to smoky and chocolaty. You can head over to the Central Valley region to see the coffee making process from the start, and learn and taste the different varieties of coffee beans you can find in Costa Rica.