How to pack light for a Cold Winter Trip

Posted on October 27th, 2023 by Dave in categoty Travel

Packing for a cold winter trip may seem like a daunting task because the tendency is for us to bring most of our warm clothes, for fear of being cold in a strange place.

It also requires a lot of skill for winter packers to plan what they will wear, think about what will match, look good, and what will be appropriate. Packing clothes also depends on the duration of the trip. The secret to packing light is to plan ahead, and to always anticipate the unpredictability of weather. Do not leave the packing until the last minute.? One minute it?s warm, the other minute it?s freezing cold. Yes, packing for a cold winter trip is both a science and an art.? So that you don?t forget anything, drawing out a list is very important.? This is the very first step. The second important step is taking out travel insurance to protect your pre-booked holiday costs and any possible baggage damage or loss.

Here are some helpful guidelines on how to pack light for a cold winter trip:

1. Start with the basics. Winter basics include a set of long thermal underwear, which could be long johns or leggings.? Ensure that the material of the leggings or long johns is thin and warm enough for layering.? Another basic item in any wardrobe, especially for women, is a pair of tights. Bring black or any other dark-material to make it go well with other outfits.? One pair of leggings or long johns and one pair of tights should be enough for a three day trip. For the top, bring two-long sleeve thermal shirts.

2. Bring one warm coat. Choose your warmest, most stylish outer coat. When you want to travel light, nothing beats a down jacket that goes down to the knees. Down jackets of good quality are easy to squish and retain their shape inside the luggage.

3. Bring one pair of black trousers. Bring a pair of black trousers because they are very versatile and can be worn with anything.? They also don?t look as dirty as light-coloured trousers.

4. Don?t forget the smaller items: scarf, gloves, hat, and socks. Place the gloves and hat inside the pocket of your overcoat so that you don?t forget them.? Bring two pairs of dark socks, just in case it gets too cold at night.

5. Remember that instead of bringing bulky coats, pack layers of clothes. Aside from a thermal shirt, bring one wool jumper, which will now be your base layer. You can easily mix and match a wool jumper with your other outfits.

6. Don?t pack your bulky clothes, wear them. When you?re traveling, all your bulky clothes should not be packed inside your case because they will take up a lot of space.

7. Bring only two pairs of shoes. During winter, it is ideal to bring one pair of boots and one pair of closed shoes like oxfords, flats, or sneakers. Of course the choice of footwear all depends on the purpose of your trip.? Boots, however, are a must in cold weather.? Wear them while traveling and do not pack them because they?re bulkier.