Planning an Alaska Road Trip

Posted on October 16th, 2021 by Dave in categoty Travel

There’s nothing like a road trip to Alaska. It’s about the sheer beauty of the Alaskan countryside, the wild animals, and the people who love and enjoy living there. There is some great road trip options available to you if you’re planning a trip to Alaska sometime soon. One idea is to take your vehicle on a road trip to Alaska with friends or family. In this article we will discuss the best option for taking your family or friends on a road trip to Alaska.

The Alaska Highway is probably the best way to get to the 50th state by automobile. The entire route is paved with two-lane highways, all of which are in relatively good condition. However, the major roads are often in poor condition, depending on how bad the last winter wrecked on the roads. These include I-90 through Denali National Park, I-9 through Fairbanks, and Haines Road through Kenai. If you’re traveling with larger or longer vehicles, it may be a good idea to drive the car yourself, since driving on the shoulders of the road can be dangerous and unpredictable, especially during the summer months.

If you prefer to take your car on an Alaska highway road trip adventure through the wild and scenic territory, you could consider starting in Seward. Seward is home to the only National Park of the last frontier. It’s also home to some really cool wildlife, including sea lions, lynx, caribou, mountain goats, coyotes, and black bears.

Your drive doesn’t have to end in Seward, Alaska, if you’d rather spend multiple days luxuriating the beauty of the big city. The second largest city in Alaska is Fairbanks, and is home to the world famous Kenai River State Park. While you’re in Fairbanks, you should visit the legendary Kenai Mountain and Sea Kayaking National Parks. Fairbanks hosts thousands of Alaskan fishing enthusiasts, who spend multiple days fishing their way through the waters of the Kenai River and its tributaries. There are also a number of Anchorage hotels in close proximity to the Kenai River, so you can enjoy your stay at one of their hotels while you explore the area.

Before you leave for your Alaska road trips, it’s a great idea to make a full-scale photo tour of each of the destination cities. A lot of tourist destinations across the United States, Canada, and Europe don’t put much effort into displaying their images; however, these spectacular views do deserve to be displayed in a memorable manner. Most of the best Alaska road trips include at least one stop in Denali National Park, so if you have yet to see this beautiful region, it’s worth taking a drive down to this park and getting an image tour of the landscape. Once you’ve visited the area, you’ll be able to make any other plans that you want to take, including what kind of accommodations to stay in once you get there.

By far, the most enjoyable aspectS of these Alaska road trips is the time you spend out on the highway. Each of the cities is unique, with lots of different activities and sights to see on every part of the route. The fastest and easiest way to get from one destination to the next, though, is to plan your trip based on a particular area. Taking an all-inclusive, state-sponsored adventure that includes all the basics, from lodging to sightseeing, is the best way to fully appreciate Alaska.