Planning A Romantic Vacation When You Have Kids

Posted on October 10th, 2019 by Dave in categoty Travel

Even parents need some alone time, and some romance. It?s likely that most of your vacations revolve around your children, so once in awhile it makes sense to plan a weekend, or a few days away from your kids. Send them to grandma?s and it the road.


Whether you are a married couple, or you are a single person with kids just getting back out in the dating world, you need to get out there and have some adult fun. Here are some tips for planning a romantic vacation getaway with your significant other.

Get A Sitter

Your first step in getting some time away from the kids is finding someone to watch them for you. You aren?t going to be able to just have a teenage babysitter watch them for days on end, so you?re going to want to talk to friends and family that are experienced with children.

Before you book any rooms, make sure you find someone that can watch them. You don?t want to have to cancel, or end up paying for a room you can?t even stay in because no one was available to watch your kids for you.

Stay Local

If you can?t get away for more than a day or two, or you don?t have the money to go too far away, you can take a staycation. Married couples may relish in the idea of simply staying in a hotel room a couple nights, alone, with no kids interrupting any romantic moments.

This also gives you the option to go out to more fancy restaurants that are less than child friendly. Have a romantic dinner, go see an adults only movie, check out an art gallery opening, or go to some other fancy event that is being hosted locally.

Do Some Traveling

If you have the time and money, and the right person to watch the kids, you should make your romantic vacation a special time where you get away and do something amazing and memorable. You may only get the chance to have some special alone time once a year when you?re raising a family, alone or together, so make the most of it.

Talk about someplace you have both been wanting to go, and about all of the adult things that you could do with each other. Adult things behind closed doors, and outside your hotel room, of course. Go on a cruise, fly to paris, or go to the Grand Canyon. The important thing is that your vacation is all about you.

However, you are going to think about your child while you are on vacation, and you really should bring something home for them to commemorate the trip they missed. Children love gifts, and yours will be a reminder that you missed them while you were gone.