Six Great Ways To Save Money For Your Travel Adventures

Posted on October 15th, 2023 by Dave in categoty Travel

Whatever your travel goals are, there is always one thing that everyone’s travel plans have in common…they cost money. Many of us dream of winning the lottery and travelling the world, unfortunately it isn’t likely it will ever happen. However, there is no need to panic, there are ways you can make money to fund your adventures alongside your main income. Here are six great ideas to help you save money for a life-changing adventure:

1. Earn Money From Crafts

People love handmade items, so if you’re good with your hands, or have a hobby where you create things, think about selling your creations. It doesn’t matter which craft you choose, there will always be a market for handmade items in most niches. Woodworking can be very lucrative, for those that have basic wood craft tools, getting custom orders for furniture, ornaments, or gifts can be fairly easy. If you have some old creations laying around the house, try listing them online on some craft sites. Point out that you will be happy to take custom orders, this is usually where the real money is.?

2. Become A Mystery Shopper

Many often hear the term ‘mystery shopper’ and wonder if it really is a thing, and guess what? It is. There are a number of companies online that offer mystery shopping opportunities, and some of them pay fairly well. The most lucrative mystery shopper jobs are ones that require you to sign up for a contract with a company and then cancel it. This usually involves a credit check that will be removed from your crediting rating by the company once you have completed the task. Usually, you will be given a fee for partaking in a shopping experience and following the instructions that the company gives you. This could involve you buying an item. However, this isn’t exactly a way to get items for cheap as you will often have to return what you buy ten minutes later. If that is what you wanted to get out of mystery shopping then perhaps you may want to look into other money-saving measures like using Raise coupons when you shop. For the most part though, mystery shopping is a way to make money from doing something you do best, shopping.

3. Trade Forex Online

This can be a good way to make some extra cash. There are a number of trading platforms online such as CMC Markets, that allow you to bet on the foreign exchange market. This can be risky, and there is the possibility that you will lose money from it. If you decide to begin trading forex online, remember that profit from online trading is not guaranteed.

4. Sign Up For Medical Trials

If you are fit and healthy, you can actually make money by selling yourself as a human guinea pig for medical research projects. Generally, there will be no lasting effects on you from the trials and all of them are always conducted in a safe environment. Some researchers will pay subjects a good rate, particularly if they are looking for a specific individual with certain traits. For example, if the trial involves testing asthma medication, the researchers may be looking for someone very specific e.g A Chinese male between the age of 20-30 with asthma.

5. Collect Scrap Metal?

There is a lot of money to be made in recycling, particularly metals. Many metal recyclers will pay you for scrap metal, usually they pay by weight. To cash in on this, find a metal recycling plant near you and find out how much they pay, and which metals they will take. Once you have this information, you could distribute flyers in your local area offering a scrap metal collection service free of charge. You’d be surprised at the number of people that have scrap metal lying around and haven’t got round to getting rid of it. Most people will gladly have someone take their clutter away, as it means they won’t need to do it themselves.?

6. Offer A Lawn Cutting Service

For some people, cutting the lawn can be an arduous task, particularly for the elderly. Offering a lawn cutting service can generate a substantial side income that you can put into your travel savings. Target areas where there are many elderly residents with gardens, you could knock on doors or have some business cards made and post them through the letter boxes.