The Best Things to Do if You’re Visiting Historic Essex

Posted on November 23rd, 2022 by Dave in categoty England

England may not have fantastic weather all year round, but that doesn’t stop it from being a wonderful place to visit for an adventure. With stunning coastlines, charming countryside and a buzzing atmosphere, there are so many reasons why you should consider visiting the country in 2022 or beyond. As far as unique and historic regions go, none are more significant than Essex.

Essex is a large region in the South East of England, directly about London, and it boasts a fascinating history. Colchester, a small town in the region, is considered Britain’s first-ever city. In AD49, the Romans operated a Colonia settlement here before making it their capital. Other historic locations in Essex include Maldon, Coggeshall and Thaxted. Today, Essex is known for its coastline, country pubs, family-fun activities, and entertaining nightlife.

Stage Event Security is a specialist Essex security company that knows all about the region and its main attractions. Having worked on events throughout the region, Stage Security has seen first-hand the fantastic range of experiences on offer. In this article, they will provide a summary of some of the best things to do in Essex to help plan your visit.

Colchester Castle

As mentioned above, Colchester has strong ties to Roman Britain and is recognised as the country’s first-ever city and capital. So where better to start than this iconic town! To this day, Colchester boasts some of the oldest and most gorgeous walls and buildings around. It is also the home of the famous Colchester Castle, where you will find the largest castle keep ever built in the United Kingdom – and the largest remaining in Europe! The castle is open to visitors, and with an interactive museum, you will learn about centuries of history. Artefacts that you can expect to see include the Colchester Gladiator Vase and the Fenwick Hoard of Roman treasure. Engaging activities are also available, including building an arch, firing a replica ballista and steering a Roman chariot.

Adventure Island

Next up, we have a far livelier activity perfect for the whole family… Adventure Island! In Southend on Sea, Adventure Island is one of Essex’s largest theme parks. The park has an array of rides and attractions, including thrilling rollercoasters, splash-tastic water slides and heart-stopping adventure drop rides. There’s also an indoor entertainment centre and a multi-exhibit aquarium. While entry to Adventure Island is free, a pre-booked day ticket for £25.50 provides access to unlimited rides and much more. Otherwise, you can pay for individual rides when you get there.

Mersea Island

You can find this lovely island to the South of Colchester. Covering seven square miles, Mersea Island is known for its serene setting, offering visitors beautiful scenery and historic charm. If all you want to do is go for a peaceful walk while taking in tranquil surroundings, then this is undoubtedly the place to be. There are also other activities to engage in, including watersports, boat trips and golf. You can grab a bit to eat or a refreshing drink at one of the many pubs and restaurants in the area.

Colchester Zoo

Back to Colchester we go, and this time it’s to see some animals! With 60 acres of land and over 250 animal species, Colchester Zoo is the second largest zoo in the United Kingdom. The animals you can expect to see here include elephants, aardvarks, wolves, baboons, cheetahs, and many more. Special experiences can be purchased, allowing you to be a keeper for the day or receive a VIP experience. Other activities include a road train, face painting, animal feeding, and play areas.

Hatfield Forest

We’ve mentioned that England is known for its charming countryside and outstanding national parks. Hatfield Forest is an excellent choice for explorers and adventurers. The forest has over 50 points of interest and is suitable whether looking for a place to reflect, somewhere for the kids to burn off energy or a large area to walk the dog. You will come across ancient trees and peaceful lakes.

Southend Pier

Southend Pier is one of the world’s longest pleasure piers and a delightful destination to visit no matter the time of the day. As well as stunning sights looking out to sea, the pier offers an abundance of activities. There is crazy golf, a museum, fishing spots, a railway, and much more! To replenish your energy, you sit down in a local café or enjoy some of the best fish and chips around.

intu Lakeside Shopping Centre

This one is for all you shopaholics! After all, no visit to England is complete without indulging in some fabulous shopping. The intu Lakeside Shopping Centre is the largest shopping centre in Essex. At Lakeside, you will discover some of the biggest brands, from travel operator TUI to Timerland, JD Sports, Zara, Swarovski, and many more. There are several leisure facilities, such as Vie Cinema and Hollywood Bowl, as well as an extensive collection of restaurants and bars.