The Traveller’s Ultimate Party Trick – What Exactly Is the UPG?

Posted on January 7th, 2021 by Dave in categoty Uncategorized

The Ultimate Party Game (UPG) is simply the most entertaining, creative, fun and best drinking game in existence, created for all those guys and girls around the world who desire parties that are way more fun, exciting and sometimes lead to happy-endings ;-). Participants take it in turns to really get into the spirit of the party, entailing some drinking at times, dancing at other times and even singing, but ALWAYS TONS OF FUN!

When Should the Fun Begin?

The best time to play is after you’ve had a couple of cocktails and the game is designed for 2 to 13 people who want to take their party to an elevated level of fun. Since the game involves a fair bit of flirting, to add a little naughtiness to all the fun, a mixed-gender environment is preferable ;-), but the game will detect if you’re hosting a bros-only do and automatically adapt the content to the situation. PS – You should start the game while you have enough alcohol left over too, plus some other cool stuff you’ll discover later on.

An Online Drinking Game?

That’s right and this game has been expertly designed to bring people together and breathe some life into your intimate gatherings or parties. The UPG makes for the ultimate party main event and all players have to be in the same room for the fun to start. It’s not possible to play alone from home.

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The UPG is not complicated at all, but some first-time guidelines may be worth a quick glance.

Step 1: The easy-to-use interface will prompt you to enter all the players you’ll be playing with, which basically include everybody in the room ready to take part in some creative and a tad naughty party fun.

Step 2: The UPG kicks the fun off with a cocktail generator. If you want to know beforehand what kind of mixing variations to have as options, you may pre-enter all your drinks to be added to the list – free account holders can store their custom lists.

Step 3: Start Playing! Nothing else is required as the UPG is all about fun! Once the fun begins, one after the other, you will get TO-DOs to follow, which are guaranteed to account for the ultimate party evening!!

Discover the Best Party Game Ever Made!

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