Top Holiday Destinations in Europe

Posted on April 5th, 2024 by Dave in categoty Europe

The best UK holiday destinations can be found all over Britain, from the heartlands to the far north. There are just some tips that you need to follow when choosing your holiday destination. There is the Cotswolds, the Scottish Highlands providing far more remote, wild beauty and its famous, classic English castles, towns and villages leaving you totally mesmerised by its majestic, quintessential English scenery. Or if you’re looking for something a little less rugged, try Devon’s beautiful Broads where the rugged coastline offers some of the loveliest, unspoilt beaches in Europe.

But perhaps the most photographed locations when it comes to holiday destinations in the UK are those on the coastal coastline. Here the English weather combines with the gorgeous British coastline to create some of the most stunning beaches in the world. Devon has had a major makeover recently, with many famous sites being rebuilt or refurbished to create a more breath-taking look. For those looking for a slightly quieter place to enjoy their breaks, then look no further than Exmoor National Park which has some beautiful countryside surrounding its coast. Exmoor also offers some truly wild wildlife, with many tourists often spotting the elusive and wonderful grey whales.

The British islands offer some of the most spectacular landscapes in the world, and are popular holiday destinations in the United Kingdom. In fact, this year has been a good one for British islands with three of them experiencing high tourism sales. On top of this, the islands are also ideal for romantic breaks as well as great family holidays. Some of the more popular islands include the Shetland Islands, the Isle of Wight, and more. The Shetland Islands is particularly famous for its spectacular scenery, and its many attractions including the Shetland National Park and Gwynedd Castle.

The Isle of Wight is another great location for great food, wine and scenery, and many visitors come here on holiday to take in the stunning coastline. The Shetland Islands is also extremely popular with walkers and joggers, and offer excellent scenery, the Shetland National Park and Bailies Castle is popular attractions on the coastline. Meanwhile, some of the most sought after European beaches are located in the coastal country of Portugal, with the likes of Portofino and Costa da Caparica offering great food and wine as well as stunning scenery. Many hotels and self catering apartments can be found dotted around the coastal country, making it very convenient for people looking for a relaxing break. Meanwhile, the Lovers’ Lake is another great location with a variety of accommodation available, from hotels to holiday chalets.

Italy is another popular European holiday destinations with many families relaxing away on days out. However, Italy is a very diverse country, offering tourists the chance to experience some of the most unique landscapes and cultures around. A popular beach destination in Italy is Tuscany with its historic villages, sandy beaches and beautiful natural scenery. Umbria is another area that has developed into a popular tourist hot spot, offering many walks and outdoor pursuits. Umbria is also home to the world famous Alpes de Monthieres, an extraordinary peninsula formed by the River Guiguere. Guiguere is also home to the world famous Montalcino, which is considered to be one of the finest ski resorts in Europe.

There are also plenty of options for holiday ideas in the rural countryside of the UK. The Cotswolds are a popular choice with families staying in self catering homes or cottages and allow the opportunity to see some of the wildest parts of the country. There are also many camping opportunities available in the Scottish Highlands, with some excellent scenery and some great hiking routes. There are also plenty of walking and hiking tracks around the English Lakes which is ideal for family holidays.