How to Tour the UK on a Big Bike

Posted on November 4th, 2023 by Dave in categoty Travel

We?ve always had our core biking community, and with the emergence of gadgets and devices aimed to make camping a more comfortable experience, travelling around the UK on a big bike for the summer break is a very attractive proposition. The modern tent can be folded into a pocket sized bag, and with a set of panniers, you have more than enough storage space, and if you have never considered taking a bike tour of the Lake District or the Norfolk Broads, here are a few things to bear in mind.


? A Reliable Motorcycle ? Ideally you want something around 600cc, and with the ability to go off-road, the bike should be a hybrid between a trials and a tour machine. Comfortably taking a pillion passenger. One would be advised to take out motorcycle breakdown insurance, as you never know when a problem might occur, and a minor breakdown should not affect your valuable downtime. The policy would cover you for just about everything, including theft, and with such an investment as your treasured bike, you should be fully insured. Have the bike serviced prior to the tour, and take a few spare spark plugs, just in case.


? Online Research ? Obviously, you want to plan your route, and the Internet is the ideal platform to do just that. You and your partner can surf the web, taking note of attractive features and also recommended campsites, and by the time you are ready for the start of your trip, you will have a firm route planned. You might prefer to stay in local inns and small hotels, and bookings can easily be made online, making it very easy to arrange.


? Gadgets and Devices ? For the serious camper, there are solar mats that when laid out and connected to a deep cycle battery, will provide you with all of your power needs. Deciding exactly what to take is always a challenge, but if you spend a while online, and browse the many camping equipment suppliers, you will be surprised at the level of comfort you can have on a camping holiday. GPS can really help you navigate your way around, but, as we all know, it isn?t infallible, and perhaps a good old paper map might be an ideal back up.


? Travelling Light ? If you are planning on taking a couple of bikes, then you need to limit your luggage, and with regular washing, you can take a minimum amount of clothing, not forgetting a wet suit, just in case. It is a good idea to make a list of essential items, and most of the time, some of these are not actually ?essential?, and therefore can be omitted.


A lot of research and planning will ensure that none of your valuable downtime is wasted, and with the bike having a pre-trip service and full breakdown insurance, you are ready for the holiday of a lifetime.