Trouble in Paradise

Posted on October 20th, 2023 by Dave in categoty Travel

The great thing about travel is that it?s a great opportunity to relax and recuperate, stepping away from the work life even for a week is enough to recharge your body even if you spend your time out and about exploring new places.


The last thing I think about when going on holiday is drinking lots of alcohol and even taking drug, in fact I never think about that, but research suggests 18% of Brits admit to drinking too much to the point of black out and 12% admit to taking drugs when on holiday. Both things they wouldn?t do at home.


Looking into the behaviours of Brits on holiday, online money saving and voucher code website My Voucher Codes asked over 2,500 Brits aged over 18, who had taken a holiday abroad in the last 5 years; “What have you done whilst on holiday, that you wouldn’t normally do at home?” Some of the results are shock especially to seasoned travellers. Maybe because travel is such a big part of my life that I wouldn?t do any of the things they found:


? Drinking too much to the point of blackout ? 18%

? Drink driving ? 6%

? Taking drugs ? 12%

? Unprotected sex with a one night stand ? 23%

? Not looking after personal health ? 28%

? Not looking after personal belongings ? 34%

? Trusting strangers ? 43%

Previous experience from younger days and hard lessons learned means I always look after my personal belongings and my personal health. Pic pockets can attack anyone even the most seasoned traveller, myself included even when I thought I have taken all the precautions. But I have learned not to leave phones or bags on tables, even when I?m sat there and never leave bags unattended.


On my travels I have seen plenty of holiday makers drinking too much though, in fact over summer months there are always plenty of news reports showing inebriated Brits on holiday on the Greek and Spanish Islands and party resort towns. Yes it can be fun to have a good drink, but in strange places around strange people you should never let yourself get out of control.


Some of the other things holiday makers had admitted to happening include:

? Injuring themselves ? 25%

? Getting seriously sun burnt ? 41%

? Walking home alone at night ? 34%

? Starting fights ? 13%

? Losing important items including passports, money and phone ? 33%

? Contracting a STD from a one night stand ? 8%

It?s quite scary to see how many people have got themselves sun burnt, this is such a danger to their health, also how many people have injured themselves as well. It?s not what you want to remember your holiday by. Neither though is losing your passport, this can be very annoying whilst away, not to mention money and phone.


Luckily insurance helps you out here, but beware if you?re drunk at the time of an accident or even theft of personal belonging, you?ll have a hard time getting a pay out from your insurance company. They like to use alcohol consumption as a get out clause for lots of claims.


This report acts as a stark warning to travellers, be sensible and be safe and you should be able to enjoy your travels.