What You Should Know Prior To Visiting New York From A Foreign Country

Posted on November 23rd, 2022 by Dave in categoty Travel

You have either booked to fly on a private jet with a company like Jettly, or you have used a more traditional airline to start the planning process of this trip of a lifetime. Before you know it, your flight confirmation has finally arrived and it is now official. You are going to New York! At that point, we all begin to daydream and, with the illusion, it is easy to miss some practical details or make a beginner’s mistake.

With so many foreigners visiting New York City, some have ended up with negative experiences. However, you don’t have to experience boredom or repetitiveness. You can put a little spark and pleasure into your time in the Big Apple. There are tons of things to do. However, let’s say this is your first time and you are unsure what direction to take, you can contact someone in London who visited the area to find out how they got an escort to direct them to honest reviews about New York City so that you don’t have to spend too much time searching yourself.

The Necessary Documents

One of the main mistakes visitors to New York City make has to do with documentation. Visiting the city is not as simple as getting on a plane and landing. You are required to apply for a tourist visa and have your documents approved. Yes, you do need the authorization to enter the United States from any other country. So, you should find out the prerequisites prior to making flight arrangements. You are also going to need a passport from your country’s passport agency.

Security Check Point

You don’t have to fear the New York airport security checkpoint personnel and the customs officers, but don’t take them lightly either. Whatever they ask you, tell them the truth. A little lie or mistake can lead to hours of waiting and questioning, and, in the worst case, to being prohibited from entering the country. The setback is not worth it when you’re there to spend some amazing days in the city, right?

Also, keep in mind that these airport checks are usually quick (about 20 minutes), while, on certain days and times, you can find queues and wait more than 2 hours. Try to be somewhat flexible with your transportation options and arrival time at the hotel because it is possible to be running late.

Your Arrival

Most visitors fall in love with the Big Apple at first sight but not all. However, don’t worry if your first impression of the city is bad. There is a lot to see and so you should give the city a chance. You arrive tired and groggy from jet lag after a long flight, and after grabbing your bags, you are thrown in the middle of a hectic city, among hundreds of taxis honking their horns, and pedestrians who seem to be doing long-distance races instead of walking. And you think: is this New York? Yes, it is!

Take it easy for the first day by resting as soon as you get to the hotel. There is the next day when you can see the city in a different light. And you will fall in love with the nightlife and day tours. You’ll definitely want to visit again.

If you are in the city for two weeks or more and you don’t want to go out on the busy streets of New York at one time or the other, then you could stay indoors, order takeout, watch TV or if you are feeling sensual, you could purchase multiplayer sex games online and be entertained that way. That is just one addition or precursor to the fun you are going to have when you feel inclined to take a break and stay inside.

Planning or Being Spontaneous

New York is so vast that a little planning might be essential in some cases. For example, deciding what attractions you want to visit, choosing whether to use a tourist card, to buy tickets for a sporting event or for a Broadway musical. But, leave it to spontaneity as the Big Apple knows how to suck you into its entertainment scene.

Take time to contemplate the amazing sunset by the river, treat yourself to a walk in Time Square, and stop at one of those places to sit on the outdoor patio and eat your morning bagel with tons of cream cheese. When you can’t walk anymore, stop to enjoy the street show. Those unexpected moments are sure to become the fondest memories.

Travel Insurance

To travel anywhere in the United States, you should consider taking out insurance because medical services are so expensive. If you suffer a health problem or an accident, medical expenses could amount to hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For the United States, it is recommended that the coverage be sufficient so that you will have peace of mind, in case you need to go to the doctor or hospital. The medical expenses will be covered with your own travel insurance.

Choose the Right Hotel

Other big mistakes that people make when traveling to New York has to do with accommodation. In New York, accommodations are priced according to the season, what is going on in the city, the type of hotel, and other variables.

A week in a five-star hotel can cost you thousands of dollars. You may have to settle for a motel, if you are not able to afford a hotel. That’s why it is advised that you read reviews before booking, and maybe stretch your accommodation budget a little more or book somewhere in Brooklyn or Queens, which are cheaper than Manhattan.

At the end of the day, even if you only use the hotel to sleep and during the day you explore the city, when you arrive exhausted, you will appreciate having a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Bringing Fun Into Your Hotel Room

If you did not travel with a partner and you wanted to do something different and out of the box, you could do the same thing as someone else would do, if they were in Utah and wanted to bring Escorts into their hotel room for a night of passion. The point is that there is not much difference as to where you are staying or which city you are visiting. You can still have the same kind of fun whether in Utah or New York.

Bringing someone into your room is a nice way to inject some fun into your stay while in the Big Apple. No one needs to know that you indulged in your fantasy, but at least, you will have the memories to think about for a long time to come.

Stay In Right Location

Midtown, the area of Manhattan between 14th and 59th streets, is where most travelers stay and spend the most time. To give you some examples, there are Times Square, Hudson Yards, Rockefeller Center, the Empire State Building, Bryant Park, Grand Central Terminal and much more! 

Despite its charms, Midtown is also the busiest area with the chaos of taxis and offices that can be very overwhelming after a few days . The recommendation is after visiting the most emblematic areas, do like New Yorkers and forget about Midtown. Instead, tour downtown neighborhoods like the Villages, the Lower East Side, or Tribeca, which are much quieter and more picturesque, or stroll through Uptown areas like the Upper West Side, Upper East Side or Harlem.

Exploring Other Things

Now that you’ve left Midtown, it’s time to get to know the rest of the city too! It is always good to be aware that New York is much more than Manhattan, as this city is just one of its five boroughs. Get out of the Big Apple, and spend a day in New Jersey or Staten Island and you will discover countless faces of the city that you could never have imagined. It is in these places where most New Yorkers live. However, many tourists do not venture beyond the Big Apple out of prejudice, insecurity, or simply because they don’t know that New York’s charm extends far beyond the Manhattan grid.