Interesting facts you should know about IVF before taking the plunge

Posted on November 23rd, 2022 by Dave in categoty Social

Infertility is not uncommon as one among six couples experience it. Previously everyone hailed from large families with multiple siblings, nephews, and nieces and this is why present couples never imagine experiencing infertility. Before getting married they discuss every probable problem that may arise out of their marriage except the possibility of being diagnosed with infertility. The majority of infertile women are of the opinion that infertility is perhaps the most upsetting experience of their lives. They report high levels of depression and anxiety, almost the same as women detected with HIV, cancer, or heart diseases.


Nevertheless, if you’re a victim of infertility there are many things you can do to still have children from private adoption agencies, which are often seen as excellent opportunities to provide children with a home who for different reasons are unable to live with their biological parents. However, some couples can opt for other unconventional ways of having a child that perhaps may mean a child is biologically theirs. People also may decide to use a surrogacy agency for a surrogate to carry your biological child to IVF and specifically if you are thinking of opting for IVF, there are a few interesting things that you should know about this process before taking a plunge. Read on.

  • Infertility is very common these days

As mentioned earlier, infertility is common these days, unlike the previous generation. The causes of infertility are related more to women (40%), to man (40%) and 20% resulting due to problems found in both. However, only about 5% of infertile couples take resort to IVF in order to help conceive. Apart from this, there are also fertile people who opt for IVF for other reasons like single women, same-sex couples. This shows how 1 in 50 babies are currently born through IVF.

  • Traditional IVF can be extremely time-taking

IVF or in-vitro fertilization occurs when the eggs are taken away from the ovaries of a woman, fertilized externally, and then again replaced within the womb. The process of this treatment can be extremely time-taking as the body of the woman is stimulated in order to collect the eggs. You may have to take lots of medicines, visit the clinic for check-ups and scans for many weeks before the actual egg collection takes place. Once the procedure is done, which takes about an hour, patients should visit the clinic again for the embryo to be transferred before taking the pregnancy blood test. Hence, it will take around 4-5 weeks for the entire procedure to complete. There are also processes derived from alternative medicine, like acupuncture for ivf, that some women may choose to avail to increase their chances of conception through IVF.

  • IVFs can be of different types

Though high drug IVF is the most common type of IVF practiced in the UK, yet this isn?t the only treatment available. There are even less drug-intense forms of treatment and natural IVF is perhaps the least-intensive among these as it doesn?t utilize any drugs for stimulation of eggs. Natural modified IVF only completes in 3-4 days of drugs and mild or mini IVF takes 5-9 days of drugs. You may check out Invimed egg donation and their process to know more on the typical IVF processes.

  • Age matters a lot for IVF treatment

As long as IVF is concerned, the younger the age, the better it is in terms of success rates. Among women, there is a sharp decline in fertility which starts at the age of 35 and advances through the 30s and 40s. This clearly means that by the early 40s, it is tough to conceive and by 45, there are much reduced chances of achieving success with this treatment. The reason behind this decline in success rate is due to reduction in the number of and quality of eggs.

Therefore, if you?re depressed about being infertile, you need not fret as there are various alternatives for you to try out. You may search the web to know more on IVF before you start trying it on yourself.